Twitter In An App

It’s not big, and it’s not clever
(although it is getting bigger, and cleverer)

What Is It?

Twitter In An App is an application written to replace the defunct TweetDeck application, which had support revoked by Twitter from April 15th 2016.

The reason ‘It’s not big and it’s not clever’ is because it started life (on the 24th March 2016) simply as an application that embedded a web browser pointed directly at the TweetDeck website [which Twitter wants you to use].

For all intents and purposes, this is just a Chromium based browser in a window pointed to the TweetDeck website, with a few bells and whistles bolted on.

Why Write It?

Because I, like many millions of others, actually enjoyed using TweetDeck and enjoyed the freedom of not having to launch my browser.  Using a dedicated application that I could size and hide out of the way feels more intuitive, whilst being notified of anything I need to know about!  Whilst this application has been written by me, for me, I’m also happy to take feature suggestions!

Should I Use It?

If you are a user of the original TweetDeck desktop application running on a Microsoft Windows Operating System and want to continue using a dedicated application that doesn’t look a hundred miles different from the original application.  Then the answer is quite possibly, yes.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone running Microsoft Windows Vista or above.

Can’t I just Use the TweetDeck Website?

Yes, you can. If you point your browser to the TweetDeck Website, you’ll get the same view of TweetDeck as you will inside this application.

Go nuts.

But at the time of writing that doesn’t support notifications, discreet or non-discreet.

Does it do everything TweetDeck [the application] does?

No.  This is a work in progress.  There are several things it doesn’t yet support:

  • Notifications:  Implemented in v0.1.29 onwards [defaulted to on, although optional]
  • Video: [Some video / audio formats will not play due to licensing issues]

There are probably a host of other things that it doesn’t do though.

Is this thing full of Malware?

No! I can’t stand Malware or Ads or anything of the ilk.  I’ve had a report that Symantec seems to think it’s a virus, but this is an unfortunate false-positive identification.

You could (if you really really wanted to) reverse engineer the code to check for yourself!

Is It Secure?

It uses HTTPS for browsing directly to the Twitter website (, and does NOT store any personal information or your credentials or anything else other than used for general caching, which you can turn off through the application settings.  No information is stored or sent by the application anywhere else.

[One day it will do version checking, which will always be to the TwitterInAnApp server though, but nothing will be sent to the server, just contents on the server compared with the application components]

It does not install anything other than the things it needs to actually work on your machine.  These things are:

These are: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft C++ 2013 Redistributables, CefSharp components (including Chromium Embedded Framework browser components), icons and of course the application itself.

What is this thing going to cost me?

Zip. Nadda. Nowt. Nothing. Not a bean.

Yes. Seriously. (And as mentioned before there’s no ads either!)

I’ve not done this to make any money!  I’ve done it, so that I can continue to discreetly use Twitter in the background while I get on with the daily grind!

Can I make a [financial] contribution to the effort?

If you really like the application that much, you can donate towards my life-long dream of retiring somewhere warm, and sunny by sending a little something via PayPal to: [email protected]

Just don’t go making financial contributions under the false premise that you’ll get feature A, B or C done, or in any hurry.

(You might get disappointed, especially if it’s not technically possible)

Who are you?

Just another Twitter user (@DJVorTechS) frustrated by Twitter’s decision to pull the TweetDeck application.

A coder of business applications by day, and chopper-and-changer-of-what-I-do at night.

Where do I get it?

You can download the latest version, or an archive version, of the application from the downloads page

How Do I Install It?

1. After downloading, you may need to ‘unblock’ the application.

To do this, locate the zip file, right-click on it and select Properties from the menu.
Check the ‘unblock’ box if one is present on the ‘General’ tab.

2. Open up the zip file and double-click on the setup.exe, then follow the on-screen instructions.

** CAUTION: Some users may find double-clicking the setup.exe does not work. If that’s the case, double-click on the .msi files instead, which will still install the application!
** Thanks to @lamadei for pointing that out!

You may get false positives from your virus checker whilst downloading or running the application.

It is safe to continue installing and running this application, if you are unsure please let me know and I’ll grab some details off you to submit to the relevant Anti-virus vendor.

Why do I need to unblock it?

This is a piece of software written by myself as an independent software developer.
Writing ‘Trusted Installers’ involves a financial outlay that I do not have.

Unblocking the file simply lets Windows know that you really want to install the application.

Installing this application is perfectly safe.  It is written using a computer that is protected by enterprise-grade security software.  Just make sure you only use the link provided on this website to download it from!

Can I Request A New Feature?

By all means!  Just grab my attention in any of the following ways:

  1. Twitter – Send a message to: @DJVorTechS
  2. E-mail – Send an e-mail to: [email protected]