Version 0.2.22 Now Available

The latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

Labelled version 0.2.22, this update brings the following changes:

  • ‘Esc’ close Settings and About screen
  • Fixed exception ‘Not implemented’ when application shutdown via PC shutdown
  • Tray and application icons changed!
  • Fixed size / position and ‘Maximize on Startup’ not working on some machines
  • Added About Screen
  • Added version checker, checks website for new version notifies via the toolbar. Click toolbar button to download [shows progress] and start installation!
  • Added ‘Extended Notifications’, enabled through option ‘Show Notification Content’

Version 0.2.19 Now Available

It’s been a few days with the Beta testers and so, with seemingly no major issues, the latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

Labelled version 0.2.19, this update brings the following changes:

  • Fixed right-click on window context menu not appearing properly on some machines
  • Added ‘Start Maximized’ option, starts the application full-screen
  • Fixed conflicting settings being enabled on Options screen
  • Fixed ‘Close to Tray’ using ‘X’ window icon, closes browser on restore
  • Fixed ‘Close to Tray’ not restoring window to previous state
  • Added ‘Auto-purge’ function to allow columns to be restricted to ‘x’ tweets (checked every 10 seconds) [Performance Booster!]
  • Fixed application does not remember its size and position between restarts

For more details about ‘Auto-purge’ please read the following: Fixing Speed Issues With Twitter

Fixing speed issues with Twitter

As we’ve no doubt all experienced at one time or another with Twitter things just seem to slow down to a crawl, with seemingly no explanation as to why.  I had my suspicions and so I got to experimenting by injecting some analysis code into Twitter In An App, where my suspicions were confirmed.

Like many ‘top down’ scrolling applications, TweetDeck is very fast at loading in new data when it’s needed as you scroll down the list.  The problem is, whilst you scroll down this new data is added to what’s already there.  The more you scroll, the more gets added.  The same applies when the application is just sitting there receiving new tweets.  There is no attempt to keep the number of items displayed at a ‘manageable’ level, and therefore it just leaks memory and leaves your Web Browser / Operating System to deal with the consequences.  Usually, this means lots of disk / memory management.

Twitter In An App, therefore can be affected by this issue.  However, there is now new a feature to help you keep the wild Twitter beast under control, called ‘Auto-purge’.


Auto-purge allows you to define how many Tweets you consider ‘manageable’ in each column, and when turned on, will ensure that no more than this number of Tweets exists in each column.  It’s a timed event, fired after it checks for notifications, which occurs every 10 seconds.

However, you need to be careful about using this!

If you intend to catch up with a lot of tweets, and need to do some scrolling you MUST turn the feature off.  The application tracks the last know tweet and will cut everything from this tweet up to the number you have defined as being manageable.  If you don’t turn the feature off, you will be fighting a never-ending battle where you can never see older tweets for very long!

Also, there is a feature to enable Auto-purge on startup.  This is NOT recommended for general use, unless you know that you are NEVER going to be scrolling down previous tweets when the application starts.  (The reason it is not recommended, is the same as above!)



Bug Report: Close to Tray and closing via ‘X’

It was reported to me yesterday, in conjunction with a new development not yet publicly available, that if you use the ‘X’ window icon to close the application window, and you have the option ‘Close to Tray’ set then when you try to restore the application, it appears blank.

After some testing of my own, I can confirm that this exists in ALL previous versions of the application, not just the development version.

The issue has now been fixed, and an update will be issued in the next day or so, subject to Beta testing.

In the meantime, you don’t need to click on the ‘X’ icon to close to tray.  Simply use the ‘minimize’ icon and you’ll get the same effect.

Version 0.2.14 Now Available

The latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

Labelled version 0.2.14, this update brings the following changes:

  • Re-wrote notifications parser. Now tracks multiple-columns, including messages. Stores and compares by data key [messages slightly more involved than that!]
  • Added new notification window and animation sequence for new activity
  • Added mouse hover over tray icon, with new activity will re-display notification window
  • Fixed notification fails to trigger after attaching images and new activity is detected
  • Added option to ‘Always notify’ irrespective of application focus

Grab it now from the downloads section!

New notification system coming soon…

I’m not standing still for long when it comes to features for TwitterInAnApp and over the past few evenings have been re-writing the notification system as I outlined in a previous post.

Now the application is able to track notifications and messages across multiple accounts, and display an appropriate notification discreetly (assuming you have ‘Notify on New Activity’ turned on), which slides in and out of view without taking focus.



This notification will update every time there is new activity, so in the example above, a new ‘Mention’ if the application has not been activated would increment accordingly (to 8 mentions).  Once activated, the notifications are reset back to zero.  If you have new activity and the notification window is not visible (the icon in the system tray remains orange), then simply move the mouse over the icon and the notification window will be displayed again.

This version is currently out to a select group of users for testing, and once I’m happy it’s stable – you can expect it to be publicly available!

No new version?

After the flood of activity on the application it feels quite strange to not be announcing a new version, and you might be sat there wondering… ‘why?’

Well on Friday afternoon I was casually looking around the way the application works, with the specific notion of integrating notifications for new messages when I realised that I’ve been doing the whole notifications thing wrong.  Okay, wrong is a bit harsh, let’s just say ‘not as effectively as it could be done’.

It also dawned on me that it’s probably not much good for multiple accounts either.

Coupling this with the fact that I want to make notifications more ‘pretty’ by introducing the original TweetDeck feature of a popup notification window, and you have the whole reason why there has been no new version in the past few days.  Oh, that and also because I lost control of my remote machine from home, which meant I worked on other things instead!

Essentially where we are at right now, there is now a ‘Notification Parser’ which is used to scan the TweetDeck site for updates to ANY ‘mentions’ or ‘messages’ column.  The new updates are stored and checked by the application and an attempt is made to update the ‘old’ notification.  This is proving to have its own problems as the notification area by the clock only supports 64 characters, and it’s really not enough to show anything worthwhile.

So over the next few days I’ll be working on implementing the popup window approach in several phases, the number of which I haven’t yet decided, but I’m thinking at least two, something along the lines of:

Phase 1: New parser in place, with basic notification window

Phase 2: Updated notification window with more details

Phase 3: Update notification with ‘Account Distinction’…

I will release an update to the application after Phase 1, and directly contact a chosen few to try it out before making it generally available.

Thank you for your continued support!

Sometimes, you just have one of those days!

And it seems that yesterday, was my turn to have one!  So after testing v0.2.7 on my virtual machines, and deeming them fit for release, the first few people to try it out found it falling flat on its face.  It took a longer than I would normally like to locate the issue, but it was eventually narrowed down and resolved.

This would be fine except this morning I’ve spotted, and had it confirmed to me, that the new notifications feature is being a little …. ‘enthusiastic’.

That’s because the code responsible for playing the notification started life as the media player for a car, and by default has it’s ‘repeat’ mode enabled for when a ‘track’  (or playlist) has finished playing.  Oops.   How this hasn’t shown itself up in my 8 hours of testing I don’t know.  But it didn’t, despite getting notifications through the day.

This one has already patched, and I’ve made it available as v0.2.8 which you can grab from the downloads!

Version 0.2.8 Now Available

The latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

Labelled version 0.2.8, this update brings the following change:

  •  Fixed erroneous notification when minimising/switching applications after receiving mentions etc whilst application is focused
  • Fixed notification sound repeating, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over….

Grab it from the downloads section now!


Erroneous notification (and sound) on new mentions with v0.2.7

This one cropped up whilst engaging potential new users of the application, but with the new notification mechanisms in place there’s a minor bug where the system attempts to suppress notifications if you have the application window ‘focused’.  The principal behind suppressing notifications is that if you are using the application you are likely to spot the notification and not need any of the popups / notification sounds.

Which is fine, that part of things works as intended.

However, when you then minimise the application or switch to another application you’ll get a notification you possibly weren’t expecting.

I certainly wasn’t, and wondered if perhaps the application was being a bit ‘slow’.  But no.  It was just a little logic flaw not updating what had been seen in this one scenario only.

A fix will be available tomorrow, which will solve this particular issue – but not the associated issue of scrolling through Follower notifications (yet).