Twitter In An App Development Update and Beta Info

Hi all,

It’s holiday season, and I’m aware there hasn’t been an update for a while.  In the background though beta testers are busy trying out the latest version of the application ready for me to bring out a stable version, and that process is taking longer for several reasons.

Firstly, once again Twitter have changed their distribution of Videos, now no longer dealing with MP4s, but now distributing media as M3U8 hosted files.  Coupled with trying to build a more stable Media Player, development around Video support has been somewhat frustrating.

There are many stability improvements in the new beta, but that comes at a cost to Vista and some Windows Server users.  This is because the latest version of Chromium, which delivers the stability improvements, no longer support these Operating Systems.

Also, I’ve been desperately trying to replicate a reported issue of the application ‘freezing’.  I think, this is actually an issue with TweetDeck’s own script causing the appearance of the application being frozen when in fact it’s actually re-initializing and re-connecting to the Twitter servers after resuming from hibernation.

You’ll find the application continues to work (you can activate the toolbar and get to the settings screen etc.) whilst this is happening, and eventually TweetDeck will catch up and update the screen.

So, as long as you are not running Windows Vista, you can try out the latest Beta version here:

Now.  With all this said and done, I’m aware that many people are still running Windows Vista and want to continue running Twitter In An App.  So I’m NOT going to forget about you!

It’s my plan to start delivering TWO versions of the application!  One for Windows 7 and above, and one explicitly for Windows Vista.  The Windows Vista version will be an almost identical version to the main application, except it will be based on the last version of Chromium that was know to support Windows Vista.

This shouldn’t cause any problems, but is going to take some time to deliver because I need to carefully splice out a lot of code from the User Interface into a common project that the two versions can use – so that I only need to write one set of code.

For those NOT running Windows Vista, hopefully you find the new Beta version a much improved experience over previous versions.

If you wish to be notified about new Beta releases, you can join the Beta program by providing me with your e-mail address.  It’s as simple as that!

As always, feel free to report bugs/issue or ask for any type of support by getting in touch directly!