Merry Christmas Everyone! (Here’s an updated BETA version!)

As the festive season approaches its climax, I’d just like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!

As is customary, I’d also like to leave this early Christmas present for everyone in the form of a new BETA version of the application:

Unfortunately it doesn’t contain a whole lot of features different to the last version, and in fact in the case of ‘Send On Enter’ goes a little backwards as I battle with DOM Injection timing.  However, there are TWO new features added to this version:

  • Customisable notification sound.  You can select a sound file of your choice (MP3 / WAV) to be your notification sound.  Be sensible though!  The system can, and will play an entire file (as it uses my Media Player from another project I created), except you have no control over playback!  This will be extended further to support additional file formats. The media player supports a variety, and is based on Un4Seen’s BASS library which has plugin codec support.  Unfortunately the Media Player does not currently expose which codecs are available for us to select a file, so I just hardcoded it for now.


  • Twitter Log Out now shuts down the application.

Oh, and no-one told me the notification sounds wasn’t working in the previous version … and somehow I hadn’t noticed it was missing myself!

So I fixed that too!

Have a great festive break… I’ll be busy enjoying the festivities so won’t likely be around for support until the New Year!