TweetDeck kills multiple account control in favour of ‘Teams’

If you’re not already aware, TweetDeck is going ‘more corporate’.  That is, they’re working in the background on a new ‘TweetDeck’ aimed at the corporate world, in order to raise revenues.  TweetDeck has always been targeted at the corporate world, but people like you and I have picked it up as a great means for keeping an eye on multiple streams using dedicated columns, because, well, we like our information a little more organised.

We’re not alone and as TweetDeck continues to gather traction, more and more ‘personal’ users are becoming aware of just how useful this little handy tool is.  It’s no secret, that earlier in the year TweetDeck touted the idea of a ‘corporate’ version of the software which is an attempt to claw back dwindling revenue, and as they progress towards that aim, it’s clear that they’ll be using the existing Twitter API and the existing software base as a foundation for the new product.  It’s not clear if TweetDeck as we know it, will become that new version, or if the new version is dictacting changes to the existing software.  I suspect the latter.

Whatever, the latest casualty of their continuing development is the ability to add new accounts to your main account.

The logic for this is, to me as a developer, pretty clear.  If you have multiple accounts, one is your main account and the others are ‘accounts that you have access to to tweet on behalf of’.  And this is what Twitter have done recently to the TweetDeck application to mirror this scenario.

So, how do you get to tweet from multiple accounts now

1. Create the new account

First, you need to create the new account as if you are a new Twitter user.  So go to and sign up as a new user.  Enter all the details as relevant.  For my test, I used an e-mail address I hadn’t used before.  (There’s a chance you won’t be able to re-use an existing e-mail address!)

2. Sign into TweetDeck

Once you’re all signed up, simply change the URL in your browser to the TweetDeck one (, and you’ll be signed in as the new user.

3. Delegate Control to your regular account

Click on the ‘Accounts’ icon in the left hand bar (the people icon) and then click on ‘Team <@your new username>’ (in this example it’s ‘Team @vortechs2’)

Next, under ‘Add Team Member’ enter the username you wish to add.  I’m going to add myself @djvortechs.  There’ll be an inline search, so once you find yourself in the dropdown, click on yourself, and then press


And then confirm the user by clicking ‘Authorize’.  After clicking ‘Authorize’, if you want to you can change the role of the user from a Contributor to admin, or even remove the user from the team.

This process sends out a request to your regular account to confirm you want to contribute to the team, which you must confirm.

4. Confirm your team membership

Sign into TweetDeck as your regular account.  You should see a notification next to your account icon:

Click on the Account icon and then on ‘Team Invitations’:


Accept your new invite!  And you’ll see the new account under ‘Teams you can contribute to:



Now all that’s needed is for you to tweet from your new account, which will now be available in the relevant places:


And that’s ‘all’ there is to it!