TweetDeck kills multiple account control in favour of ‘Teams’

If you’re not already aware, TweetDeck is going ‘more corporate’.  That is, they’re working in the background on a new ‘TweetDeck’ aimed at the corporate world, in order to raise revenues.  TweetDeck has always been targeted at the corporate world, but people like you and I have picked it up as a great means for keeping an eye on multiple streams using dedicated columns, because, well, we like our information a little more organised.

We’re not alone and as TweetDeck continues to gather traction, more and more ‘personal’ users are becoming aware of just how useful this little handy tool is.  It’s no secret, that earlier in the year TweetDeck touted the idea of a ‘corporate’ version of the software which is an attempt to claw back dwindling revenue, and as they progress towards that aim, it’s clear that they’ll be using the existing Twitter API and the existing software base as a foundation for the new product.  It’s not clear if TweetDeck as we know it, will become that new version, or if the new version is dictacting changes to the existing software.  I suspect the latter.

Whatever, the latest casualty of their continuing development is the ability to add new accounts to your main account.

The logic for this is, to me as a developer, pretty clear.  If you have multiple accounts, one is your main account and the others are ‘accounts that you have access to to tweet on behalf of’.  And this is what Twitter have done recently to the TweetDeck application to mirror this scenario.

So, how do you get to tweet from multiple accounts now

1. Create the new account

First, you need to create the new account as if you are a new Twitter user.  So go to and sign up as a new user.  Enter all the details as relevant.  For my test, I used an e-mail address I hadn’t used before.  (There’s a chance you won’t be able to re-use an existing e-mail address!)

2. Sign into TweetDeck

Once you’re all signed up, simply change the URL in your browser to the TweetDeck one (, and you’ll be signed in as the new user.

3. Delegate Control to your regular account

Click on the ‘Accounts’ icon in the left hand bar (the people icon) and then click on ‘Team <@your new username>’ (in this example it’s ‘Team @vortechs2’)

Next, under ‘Add Team Member’ enter the username you wish to add.  I’m going to add myself @djvortechs.  There’ll be an inline search, so once you find yourself in the dropdown, click on yourself, and then press


And then confirm the user by clicking ‘Authorize’.  After clicking ‘Authorize’, if you want to you can change the role of the user from a Contributor to admin, or even remove the user from the team.

This process sends out a request to your regular account to confirm you want to contribute to the team, which you must confirm.

4. Confirm your team membership

Sign into TweetDeck as your regular account.  You should see a notification next to your account icon:

Click on the Account icon and then on ‘Team Invitations’:


Accept your new invite!  And you’ll see the new account under ‘Teams you can contribute to:



Now all that’s needed is for you to tweet from your new account, which will now be available in the relevant places:


And that’s ‘all’ there is to it!


Twitter In An App v0.12.21 BETA is now available

A new version of Twitter In An App was released to the beta channel last week, and was updated this morning (with a couple more fixes on the way in a few days time).

The major new features of this version are:

New ‘Pin URL’ facility with a ‘Pinned Items’ screen that docks to your TWIAP window.  This allows you to pin URLs to a pin-board so that you can go back to them when you’re ready.  It’s something that I’ve wanted for a while, as while at work I keep seeing things I mean to go back to – but never did because they get lost in the scroll.  Of course, now that I’ve added the feature – there’s not been anything I wanted to go back and look at!  Typical!

Trends!  A while ago, something popped up on my timeline about TweetDeck not having trends and there was a link to a Chrome Extension called TrendScript (a GreaseMonkey extension I believe).  I took a look at the source code and thought there’d be a possibility to drop it in somehow at the time – but failed miserably.  Then researching another issue, I discovered where I went wrong – and hey presto, I managed to get the script working!  So, on the options screen you can enable trends and you’ll get a new TweetDeck column where you can select your desired location and you’ll get a list of what’s trending at that location.  The options for this actually get housed within the TweetDeck settings, so you can change the refresh rate as you see fit from there.

This led on to Colour Schemes, TWIAP column colours, and default column colours which were a bit out of synch.  Having researched what is readable of the TweetDeck source I came to realised I was doing a few things wrong.  So, instead of using TWIAP settings to say ‘I am using the dark theme’, TWIAP now analyses your TweetDeck settings and honours the dark or light theme as you have selected.  You can get the TweetDeck settings up and toggle the theme and TWIAP will follow as you toggle!

Also, a few people have asked for the ‘Extended Notifications’ box (which shows tweet content) to be ‘clickable’, or at least to be able to copy and paste content from it.  Well, now you can do both!

Here’s a direct link to the latest build:

Merry Christmas Everyone! (Here’s an updated BETA version!)

As the festive season approaches its climax, I’d just like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!

As is customary, I’d also like to leave this early Christmas present for everyone in the form of a new BETA version of the application:

Unfortunately it doesn’t contain a whole lot of features different to the last version, and in fact in the case of ‘Send On Enter’ goes a little backwards as I battle with DOM Injection timing.  However, there are TWO new features added to this version:

  • Customisable notification sound.  You can select a sound file of your choice (MP3 / WAV) to be your notification sound.  Be sensible though!  The system can, and will play an entire file (as it uses my Media Player from another project I created), except you have no control over playback!  This will be extended further to support additional file formats. The media player supports a variety, and is based on Un4Seen’s BASS library which has plugin codec support.  Unfortunately the Media Player does not currently expose which codecs are available for us to select a file, so I just hardcoded it for now.


  • Twitter Log Out now shuts down the application.

Oh, and no-one told me the notification sounds wasn’t working in the previous version … and somehow I hadn’t noticed it was missing myself!

So I fixed that too!

Have a great festive break… I’ll be busy enjoying the festivities so won’t likely be around for support until the New Year!


Twitter In An App Development Update and Beta Info

Hi all,

It’s holiday season, and I’m aware there hasn’t been an update for a while.  In the background though beta testers are busy trying out the latest version of the application ready for me to bring out a stable version, and that process is taking longer for several reasons.

Firstly, once again Twitter have changed their distribution of Videos, now no longer dealing with MP4s, but now distributing media as M3U8 hosted files.  Coupled with trying to build a more stable Media Player, development around Video support has been somewhat frustrating.

There are many stability improvements in the new beta, but that comes at a cost to Vista and some Windows Server users.  This is because the latest version of Chromium, which delivers the stability improvements, no longer support these Operating Systems.

Also, I’ve been desperately trying to replicate a reported issue of the application ‘freezing’.  I think, this is actually an issue with TweetDeck’s own script causing the appearance of the application being frozen when in fact it’s actually re-initializing and re-connecting to the Twitter servers after resuming from hibernation.

You’ll find the application continues to work (you can activate the toolbar and get to the settings screen etc.) whilst this is happening, and eventually TweetDeck will catch up and update the screen.

So, as long as you are not running Windows Vista, you can try out the latest Beta version here:

Now.  With all this said and done, I’m aware that many people are still running Windows Vista and want to continue running Twitter In An App.  So I’m NOT going to forget about you!

It’s my plan to start delivering TWO versions of the application!  One for Windows 7 and above, and one explicitly for Windows Vista.  The Windows Vista version will be an almost identical version to the main application, except it will be based on the last version of Chromium that was know to support Windows Vista.

This shouldn’t cause any problems, but is going to take some time to deliver because I need to carefully splice out a lot of code from the User Interface into a common project that the two versions can use – so that I only need to write one set of code.

For those NOT running Windows Vista, hopefully you find the new Beta version a much improved experience over previous versions.

If you wish to be notified about new Beta releases, you can join the Beta program by providing me with your e-mail address.  It’s as simple as that!

As always, feel free to report bugs/issue or ask for any type of support by getting in touch directly!

Version 0.3.12 Now Available

The latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

There are quite a few changes in this version which helps to improve your experience, and whilst it’s a stable build introducing better support for those pesky non-rendering videos, it’s not 100% perfect and I’ll continue working on it!

Labelled version 0.3.12, this update brings the following changes:

  • Fixed ‘Find URLs’ function no longer working (introduced in 0.3.10, possibly also 0.3.06)
  • Fixed ‘lack-lustre’client by adding ‘Copy Image’, which copies an image to the clipboard
  • Added ‘Browser URL’ to launch selected URL in external browser
  • Fixed ‘Enable Browser Cache’ when disabled not supporting cookies. Now cookies (Remember me) will work even with Browser Cache Disabled!
  • Fixed ‘Enable Browser Cache’ when disabled not supporting Chromium options ‘disable GPU’, ‘allow-running-insecure-content’, ‘enable-media-stream’ and ‘debug-plugin-loading’
  • Added ‘Enable Menu Confirmations’ option which, when turned off, will not display message boxes after clicking menu items (such as ‘Copy URL’, ‘Save Image’ etc..)
  • Fixed notification icon when hovering mouse / new notifications arriving causes notification window to animate in reverse incorrectly
  • Fixed notification window(s) not updating with new notifications when already visible/animating
  • Completely re-engineered video URL extraction using ‘Offscreen’ browser (fixes ‘has stopped working’ error ‘0x4000001f’ in ceflib.dll)
  • Fixed inadvertent Window flashing introduced by previous video URL parser
  • Fixed short GIF image looping can cause strange lock-up / exception message
  • Opt-out option for Video support added, videos will not attempt to render unless supported by Chromium
  • Pre-parse URL option added (can now choose to parse video URL on-demand, less memory intensive, but longer waiting time)
  • Fixed ALL links opening in internal browser, now delegates to external browser where appropriate
  • Moved some options around in the options screen!
  • Added version number to ‘Options’ screen for support purposes!
  • Added Video URL ‘pre-parsing’ when Tweets appear, caches video links in memory
  • Added support for Vine videos in popup player
  • Fixed Media Player ‘Close’ button cursor so button looks like it’s clickable
  • Added proxy panel for mouse tracking to only show toolbar after 500ms of being hovered over it [extra 4px space dedicated for this]
  • Fixed Javascript Injection results in console errors when JS Injection features are turned off
  • Reduced ‘Remove Conversation Link’ timing to 250ms (removes the link quicker!)
  • Added TweetDeck Tweak ‘Include Hashtags In Reply’ (defaults to on) to always include original hastags when replying to a tweet

You can grab the new version from the downloads section now!

Version 0.2.30 Now Available

The latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

Labelled version 0.2.30, this update brings the following changes:

  • Fixed speed issue causing ‘Browser Not Initialized exception’ on slower machines
  • Fixed speed issue with ‘Remove Conversation Link’, browser is now doing the work through DOM observer
  • Added right-click context menu option ‘Copy Url’ – copies the currently selected URL / Image URL to the clipboard
  • Added right-click context menu option ‘Find Urls’ – searches a tweet for all available URLs and copies them to the clipboard
  • Added right-click context menu option ‘Save Image’ – saves the highlighted image to your profile ‘Pictures’ directory
  • Added experimental ‘Facebook’ browser and (basic) notification support. It’s horrible, seriously. Don’t use it!
  • Added optional CSS Injection to fix conversation button alignment since TweetDeck update (new setting)
  • Added optional CSS Injection to allow conversation buttons to be hidden-until-hover (new setting)
  • Added optional Javascript Injection to remove ‘View Conversation’ link in conversation footer (new setting)

You can grab the new version from the downloads section now!

Version 0.2.22 Now Available

The latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

Labelled version 0.2.22, this update brings the following changes:

  • ‘Esc’ close Settings and About screen
  • Fixed exception ‘Not implemented’ when application shutdown via PC shutdown
  • Tray and application icons changed!
  • Fixed size / position and ‘Maximize on Startup’ not working on some machines
  • Added About Screen
  • Added version checker, checks website for new version notifies via the toolbar. Click toolbar button to download [shows progress] and start installation!
  • Added ‘Extended Notifications’, enabled through option ‘Show Notification Content’

Version 0.2.19 Now Available

It’s been a few days with the Beta testers and so, with seemingly no major issues, the latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

Labelled version 0.2.19, this update brings the following changes:

  • Fixed right-click on window context menu not appearing properly on some machines
  • Added ‘Start Maximized’ option, starts the application full-screen
  • Fixed conflicting settings being enabled on Options screen
  • Fixed ‘Close to Tray’ using ‘X’ window icon, closes browser on restore
  • Fixed ‘Close to Tray’ not restoring window to previous state
  • Added ‘Auto-purge’ function to allow columns to be restricted to ‘x’ tweets (checked every 10 seconds) [Performance Booster!]
  • Fixed application does not remember its size and position between restarts

For more details about ‘Auto-purge’ please read the following: Fixing Speed Issues With Twitter

Fixing speed issues with Twitter

As we’ve no doubt all experienced at one time or another with Twitter things just seem to slow down to a crawl, with seemingly no explanation as to why.  I had my suspicions and so I got to experimenting by injecting some analysis code into Twitter In An App, where my suspicions were confirmed.

Like many ‘top down’ scrolling applications, TweetDeck is very fast at loading in new data when it’s needed as you scroll down the list.  The problem is, whilst you scroll down this new data is added to what’s already there.  The more you scroll, the more gets added.  The same applies when the application is just sitting there receiving new tweets.  There is no attempt to keep the number of items displayed at a ‘manageable’ level, and therefore it just leaks memory and leaves your Web Browser / Operating System to deal with the consequences.  Usually, this means lots of disk / memory management.

Twitter In An App, therefore can be affected by this issue.  However, there is now new a feature to help you keep the wild Twitter beast under control, called ‘Auto-purge’.


Auto-purge allows you to define how many Tweets you consider ‘manageable’ in each column, and when turned on, will ensure that no more than this number of Tweets exists in each column.  It’s a timed event, fired after it checks for notifications, which occurs every 10 seconds.

However, you need to be careful about using this!

If you intend to catch up with a lot of tweets, and need to do some scrolling you MUST turn the feature off.  The application tracks the last know tweet and will cut everything from this tweet up to the number you have defined as being manageable.  If you don’t turn the feature off, you will be fighting a never-ending battle where you can never see older tweets for very long!

Also, there is a feature to enable Auto-purge on startup.  This is NOT recommended for general use, unless you know that you are NEVER going to be scrolling down previous tweets when the application starts.  (The reason it is not recommended, is the same as above!)



Bug Report: Close to Tray and closing via ‘X’

It was reported to me yesterday, in conjunction with a new development not yet publicly available, that if you use the ‘X’ window icon to close the application window, and you have the option ‘Close to Tray’ set then when you try to restore the application, it appears blank.

After some testing of my own, I can confirm that this exists in ALL previous versions of the application, not just the development version.

The issue has now been fixed, and an update will be issued in the next day or so, subject to Beta testing.

In the meantime, you don’t need to click on the ‘X’ icon to close to tray.  Simply use the ‘minimize’ icon and you’ll get the same effect.