The latest version of Twitter In An App is: Version 0.10.23 (23rd December 2016)

Vista users, the latest version for you is: Version 0.3.12 (17th April 2016)

The latest BETA version of Twitter In An App is:  Version 0.15.5 (5th May 2017)

The following archived downloads are available:

Version 0.10.23 (23rd December 2016) – Windows 7 and Above Only

  • Added Cef.HighDPISupport for better DPI support
  • Added ‘View In Browser’ link to all internal video items (non-YouTube videos for example), with option to always open said media externally
  • Added ‘Twitter Update’ checking (Yellow gears icon) which now notifies you if Twitter release an update to TweetDeck
  • Added intercept on TweetDeck ‘Log Out’ function, now asks if you want to close Twitter In An App
  • Updated ‘Send On Enter’ function to be a little less restrictive than previous versions (preventing arrow key usage)
  • Fixed bug in ‘Browser Loading State Changed’ event handler, re-initializing things that did not need re-initializing. (Manifests as media player resetting itself)
  • Upgraded to CEFSharp 51.0.1 pre-release for memory / stability improvements, Re-engineered the methods of interacting with Chromium browser to minimise the potential crash scenarios. There’s just one left, that seems to still be causing a problem.
  • Re-written Video Player. Now uses WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) MediaElement
  • Added IVideoExtractor and written plugins for, twimg and vine videos to extract Video URLs from a tweet, by [silently] browsing to the hosting page and extracting video URL from the page
  • Fixed clicking ‘External URL’ causes brief popup window appearance
  • Added ‘Auto-tag’ feature to Toolbar, which allows entry of multiple tag (space separated, no need for # symbol) which will insert tags into any new Tweet
  • Fixed ‘debug.log’ file being generated in application path. This file isn’t needed anymore as errors will be logged to the console, accessible via the Developer Tools
  • Fixed ‘incognito_databases’ folder appearing in application path. (Used for local storage)
  • Added Option ‘Open Twitter Links In External Browser’ so all popup windows originating from Twitter are directed appropriately. (All other URLs will always open externally) [Defaults to ON]
  • Changed ‘Send On Enter’ default to ‘Off’ by popular concensus
  • Fixed ‘Video URL’ loading, now no longer uses CEFSharp to find target URL of shortened Video URLs. URL is parsed using a HTTPRequest object to find the AbsoluteURI.
  • Fixed ‘Video Analysis Browser’ not closing after analyzing video content
  • Fixed ‘Remove Reply Context’ not working when option set and ‘Remove Conversation Link’ is switched off
  • Re-engineered Javascript injection code for consistency (I can now write embedded script files and inject them dynamically, making life easier for me!)
  • Added ‘Reply Using Full Composer’ which will popout the full ‘Compose Tweet’ editor when clicking the ‘Reply’ button, with an appropriate option setting (defaulted to Off)

Version 0.3.12 (17th April 2016) – Last version for Windows Vista Users

  • Fixed ‘Find URLs’ function no longer working (introduced in 0.3.10, possibly also 0.3.06)
  • Fixed ‘lack-lustre’client by adding ‘Copy Image’, which copies an image to the clipboard
  • Added ‘Browser URL’ to launch selected URL in external browser
  • Fixed ‘Enable Browser Cache’ when disabled not supporting cookies. Now cookies (Remember me) will work even with Browser Cache Disabled!
  • Fixed ‘Enable Browser Cache’ when disabled not supporting Chromium options ‘disable GPU’, ‘allow-running-insecure-content’, ‘enable-media-stream’ and ‘debug-plugin-loading’
  • Added ‘Enable Menu Confirmations’ option which, when turned off, will not display message boxes after clicking menu items (such as ‘Copy URL’, ‘Save Image’ etc..)
  • Fixed notification icon when hovering mouse / new notifications arriving causes notification window to animate in reverse incorrectly
  • Fixed notification window(s) not updating with new notifications when already visible/animating
  • Completely re-engineered video URL extraction using ‘Offscreen’ browser (fixes ‘has stopped working’ error ‘0x4000001f’ in ceflib.dll)
  • Fixed inadvertent Window flashing introduced by previous video URL parser
  • Fixed short GIF image looping can cause strange lock-up / exception message
  • Opt-out option for Video support added, videos will not attempt to render unless supported by Chromium
  • Pre-parse URL option added (can now choose to parse video URL on-demand, less memory intensive, but longer waiting time)
  • Fixed ALL links opening in internal browser, now delegates to external browser where appropriate
  • Moved some options around in the options screen!
  • Added version number to ‘Options’ screen for support purposes!
  • Added Video URL ‘pre-parsing’ when Tweets appear, caches video links in memory
  • Added support for Vine videos in popup player
  • Fixed Media Player ‘Close’ button cursor so button looks like it’s clickable
  • Added proxy panel for mouse tracking to only show toolbar after 500ms of being hovered over it [extra 4px space dedicated for this]
  • Fixed Javascript Injection results in console errors when JS Injection features are turned off
  • Reduced ‘Remove Conversation Link’ timing to 250ms (removes the link quicker!)
  • Added TweetDeck Tweak ‘Include Hashtags In Reply’ (defaults to on) to always include original hastags when replying to a tweet

Version 0.2.30 (30th April 2016)

  • Fixed speed issue causing ‘Browser Not Initialized exception’ on slower machines
  • Fixed speed issue with ‘Remove Conversation Link’, browser is now doing the work through DOM observer
  • Added Media player for Twitter GIF, and Videos (MP4) [Requires Windows Media Player]
  • Re-structured JavaScript injection, and re-named appropriate functions

Version 0.2.27 (27th April 2016)

  • Added experimental ‘Facebook’ browser and (basic) notification support. It’s horrible, seriously. Don’t use it!  (new setting)
  • Added optional CSS Injection to fix conversation button alignment since TweetDeck update (new setting)
  • Added optional CSS Injection to allow conversation buttons to be hidden until hovered over (new setting)
  • Added optional JavaScript Injection to remove ‘View Conversation’ link in conversation footer (new setting)
  • Added right-click context menu option ‘Copy Url’ which copies the currently selected URL/Image URL to the clipboard
  • Added right-click context menu option ‘Find Urls’ which searches a tweet for all available URLs and copies them to the clipboard
  • Added right-click context menu option ‘Save Image’ which saves the highlighted image to your profile ‘Pictures’ directory

Version 0.2.22 (22nd April 2016)

  • ‘Esc’ close Settings and About screen
  • Fixed exception ‘Not implemented’ when application shutdown via PC shutdown
  • Tray and application icons changed!
  • Fixed size / position and ‘Maximize on Startup’ not working on some machines
  • Added About Screen
  • Added version checker, checks website for new version notifies via the toolbar. Click toolbar button to download [shows progress] and start installation!
  • Added ‘Extended Notifications’, enabled through option ‘Show Notification Content’

Version 0.2.19 (19th April 2016)

  • Fixed right-click on window context menu not appearing properly on some machines
  • Added ‘Start Maximized’ option, starts the application full-screen
  • Fixed conflicting settings being enabled on Options screen
  • Fixed ‘Close to Tray’ using ‘X’ window icon, closes browser on restore
  • Fixed ‘Close to Tray’ not restoring window to previous state
  • Added ‘Auto-purge’ function to allow columns to be restricted to ‘x’ tweets (checked every 10 seconds) [Performance Booster!]
  • Fixed application does not remember its size and position between restarts

Version 0.2.14 (14th April 2016)

  • Re-wrote notifications parser. Now tracks multiple-columns, including messages. Stores and compares by data key [messages slightly more involved than that!]
  • Added new notification window and animation sequence for new activity
  • Added feature hover mouse over tray icon, after notification displayed, will re-display notification window
  • Fixed notification fails to trigger after attaching images and new activity is detected
  • Added option to ‘Always notify’ irrespective of application focus

Version 0.2.8 (8th April 2016)

  • Fixed erroneous notification when minimising/switching applications after receiving mentions etc whilst application is focused
  • Fixed notification sound repeating, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over….

Version 0.2.7 (7th April 2016)  (Patched 19:45 GMT)

  • Added ‘Auto-hide Toolbar’ option to remove animate toolbar to/from view
  • Added ‘Enable Sounds’ option which will play the default Tweetdeck sound on new notification
  • Added ‘Developer Tools’ button, to show Chromium (Chrome) Developer Tools [useful for me more than anyone else!]
  • Added ‘Observer Mode’ option which will make the application full-screen, and remove TweetDeck’s ‘Composer’ panel from view

Version 0.2.4 (4th March 2016)

  • Fixed Uploading Image can cause an unhandled exception
  • Added Re-tweets, Favorites and Followers to notification tray icon status
  • Added ‘Auto Size on Startup’ option to size window to TweetDeck content

Version 0.1.31 (31st March 2016)

  • Fixed where ‘Notify on Mention’ is turned off, not updating tray icon, or flashing window on new activity
  • Fixed using ‘Search’ can cause an unhandled exception
  • Fixed ‘’ and ‘YouTube’ URLs opening in external browser
  • Fixed some installations won’t start the browser on application start up

Version 0.1.30 (30th March 2016)

  • Fixed Notify on Mention not working as intended
  • Tray icon now turns orange when new mentions are available
  • Added support for customisable tray icons (Replace .ico files in Images directory)
  • Fixed browsing size too wide for window
  • Added ‘Twitter Version’ (TargetSite in Settings.INI) to options to switch default Twitter start-up site

Version 0.1.29 (29th March 2016)

  • Added Close To Tray, Start Minimized and Notify On Mention options
  • New tray icon, with appropriate text and balloon for ‘Notify On Mention’
  • Window flashing fixed to be continuous until the application is activated
  • Fixed Cache enabled login redirecting Tweetdeck output to external browser

Version 0.1.25 (25th March 2016 – No Installer Available)

  • Cache enabled (Remember me setting works), download enabled.
  • Added settings screen and basic window flash on mention

Version 0.1.24 (24th March 2016)

  • Initial version, no cache enabled (always sign in), no download support