Twitter In An App Features

Twitter In An App Features

Here’s the current list of (non-TweetDeck) features you can expect from Twitter In An App:

Desktop Notifications:

There are two types of notifications Basic, and Extended.

The Basic notification shows you simply what’s new in each of your the columns that has new content, whereas the Extended notification goes a lot further and gives you the content of each individual tweet, with the ability to navigate through them without having to open up the application.  Additional options allow you to control how long the notifications stay up on screen for, and (when using Extended notifications) allows you to enable a content carousel, where the tweets are automatically cycled so you don’t even have to click through them!

Hashtag Preservation

Isn’t it annoying when you have to re-enter hashtags manually because TweetDeck doesn’t automatically do it for you?  When now you can breathe a sigh of relief, as we take the hassle away from you… and replies can automatically have the original hashtags added to your reply.


In the zone posting lots of content, but fed up of entering hashtags over and over again?  Toggle on the AutoTag feature, enter the tags you want and go about your day!  We’ll automatically push the tags to a new Tweet or replies so you don’t have to!  Just don’t forget to switch it off when you’re done!


Want to know what’s trending in London?  New York, Outer Mongolia?  Now you can by enabling our new ‘Trends’ functionality.  Add any number of ‘Trend’ columns to your TweetDeck interface, and set each to monitor a Country or State to suit!  Click on a hashtag to see all the latest tweets.

Reply Using Full Composer

If like us, you find you’re constantly replying and needing to add images or use any other of the full composer functionality… you’ll no doubt have been frustrated by the ‘Reply’ popup’s shortfalls.  Enable this option and whenever you click the ‘Reply’ button, hey presto! the full composer will automagically activate instead!

Custom Column Configuration

Everyone’s individual.  But the Light / Dark theme just doesn’t it for you?  You really want that home colour to appear in a fluorescent yellow?  And perhaps that hashtag column needs to be a subtle shade of Mango?  Well, now you customise your settings as you like, for every column.  You can also define how new content should affect the notification system.

Custom Notification Sound

If the original TweetDeck notification’s monosyllabic tone has started to grate – perhaps it’s time to liven things up with something of your own choosing.  With Twitter In An App you can select any local MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, OGG file as a notification sound.  And yes, it can be 2 hours long if you really want!  (But we wouldn’t recommend that!)

Observer mode

Ever wanted TweetDeck to appear as a form of public display, but wanted to get rid of the interaction column to maximise full use of your screen display.  Enable Observer mode, and you can do just that!

Close to Tray 

You know what made the old TweetDeck AIR application great?  The ability to go about your day, working hard and being notified about things you’re interested in when they happen, without having the application all up in your face.  Nowadays, Microsoft want to force you down the Windows 10 Store applications route, and TweetDeck want you to use your browser in full view.  Because the boss is going to like that right?  Oh.  You are the boss?  Well, perhaps you don’t want to encourage the employees? With Twitter In An App you can close the app, it’ll sit in the tray by the clock and let you know if there’s something you might be interested in (assuming you configure your notifications right!).

Pin URLs

Ever seen a Tweet and been too busy to go take a look at the interesting URL it mentions?  Now you can simply ‘Pin’ it to a pin board (separate docked window) and come back to it when you’re ready!  No more trawling through trying to find it again!


NOTE: some features may relate to BETA versions only accessible through request, or by joining the BETA program!