Twitter In An App v0.12.21 BETA is now available

A new version of Twitter In An App was released to the beta channel last week, and was updated this morning (with a couple more fixes on the way in a few days time).

The major new features of this version are:

New ‘Pin URL’ facility with a ‘Pinned Items’ screen that docks to your TWIAP window.  This allows you to pin URLs to a pin-board so that you can go back to them when you’re ready.  It’s something that I’ve wanted for a while, as while at work I keep seeing things I mean to go back to – but never did because they get lost in the scroll.  Of course, now that I’ve added the feature – there’s not been anything I wanted to go back and look at!  Typical!

Trends!  A while ago, something popped up on my timeline about TweetDeck not having trends and there was a link to a Chrome Extension called TrendScript (a GreaseMonkey extension I believe).  I took a look at the source code and thought there’d be a possibility to drop it in somehow at the time – but failed miserably.  Then researching another issue, I discovered where I went wrong – and hey presto, I managed to get the script working!  So, on the options screen you can enable trends and you’ll get a new TweetDeck column where you can select your desired location and you’ll get a list of what’s trending at that location.  The options for this actually get housed within the TweetDeck settings, so you can change the refresh rate as you see fit from there.

This led on to Colour Schemes, TWIAP column colours, and default column colours which were a bit out of synch.  Having researched what is readable of the TweetDeck source I came to realised I was doing a few things wrong.  So, instead of using TWIAP settings to say ‘I am using the dark theme’, TWIAP now analyses your TweetDeck settings and honours the dark or light theme as you have selected.  You can get the TweetDeck settings up and toggle the theme and TWIAP will follow as you toggle!

Also, a few people have asked for the ‘Extended Notifications’ box (which shows tweet content) to be ‘clickable’, or at least to be able to copy and paste content from it.  Well, now you can do both!

Here’s a direct link to the latest build: