Erroneous notification (and sound) on new mentions with v0.2.7

This one cropped up whilst engaging potential new users of the application, but with the new notification mechanisms in place there’s a minor bug where the system attempts to suppress notifications if you have the application window ‘focused’.  The principal behind suppressing notifications is that if you are using the application you are likely to spot the notification and not need any of the popups / notification sounds.

Which is fine, that part of things works as intended.

However, when you then minimise the application or switch to another application you’ll get a notification you possibly weren’t expecting.

I certainly wasn’t, and wondered if perhaps the application was being a bit ‘slow’.  But no.  It was just a little logic flaw not updating what had been seen in this one scenario only.

A fix will be available tomorrow, which will solve this particular issue – but not the associated issue of scrolling through Follower notifications (yet).