New notification system coming soon…

I’m not standing still for long when it comes to features for TwitterInAnApp and over the past few evenings have been re-writing the notification system as I outlined in a previous post.

Now the application is able to track notifications and messages across multiple accounts, and display an appropriate notification discreetly (assuming you have ‘Notify on New Activity’ turned on), which slides in and out of view without taking focus.



This notification will update every time there is new activity, so in the example above, a new ‘Mention’ if the application has not been activated would increment accordingly (to 8 mentions).  Once activated, the notifications are reset back to zero.  If you have new activity and the notification window is not visible (the icon in the system tray remains orange), then simply move the mouse over the icon and the notification window will be displayed again.

This version is currently out to a select group of users for testing, and once I’m happy it’s stable – you can expect it to be publicly available!