No new version?

After the flood of activity on the application it feels quite strange to not be announcing a new version, and you might be sat there wondering… ‘why?’

Well on Friday afternoon I was casually looking around the way the application works, with the specific notion of integrating notifications for new messages when I realised that I’ve been doing the whole notifications thing wrong.  Okay, wrong is a bit harsh, let’s just say ‘not as effectively as it could be done’.

It also dawned on me that it’s probably not much good for multiple accounts either.

Coupling this with the fact that I want to make notifications more ‘pretty’ by introducing the original TweetDeck feature of a popup notification window, and you have the whole reason why there has been no new version in the past few days.  Oh, that and also because I lost control of my remote machine from home, which meant I worked on other things instead!

Essentially where we are at right now, there is now a ‘Notification Parser’ which is used to scan the TweetDeck site for updates to ANY ‘mentions’ or ‘messages’ column.  The new updates are stored and checked by the application and an attempt is made to update the ‘old’ notification.  This is proving to have its own problems as the notification area by the clock only supports 64 characters, and it’s really not enough to show anything worthwhile.

So over the next few days I’ll be working on implementing the popup window approach in several phases, the number of which I haven’t yet decided, but I’m thinking at least two, something along the lines of:

Phase 1: New parser in place, with basic notification window

Phase 2: Updated notification window with more details

Phase 3: Update notification with ‘Account Distinction’…

I will release an update to the application after Phase 1, and directly contact a chosen few to try it out before making it generally available.

Thank you for your continued support!