Sometimes, you just have one of those days!

And it seems that yesterday, was my turn to have one!  So after testing v0.2.7 on my virtual machines, and deeming them fit for release, the first few people to try it out found it falling flat on its face.  It took a longer than I would normally like to locate the issue, but it was eventually narrowed down and resolved.

This would be fine except this morning I’ve spotted, and had it confirmed to me, that the new notifications feature is being a little …. ‘enthusiastic’.

That’s because the code responsible for playing the notification started life as the media player for a car, and by default has it’s ‘repeat’ mode enabled for when a ‘track’  (or playlist) has finished playing.  Oops.   How this hasn’t shown itself up in my 8 hours of testing I don’t know.  But it didn’t, despite getting notifications through the day.

This one has already patched, and I’ve made it available as v0.2.8 which you can grab from the downloads!