Version 0.2.19 Now Available

It’s been a few days with the Beta testers and so, with seemingly no major issues, the latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

Labelled version 0.2.19, this update brings the following changes:

  • Fixed right-click on window context menu not appearing properly on some machines
  • Added ‘Start Maximized’ option, starts the application full-screen
  • Fixed conflicting settings being enabled on Options screen
  • Fixed ‘Close to Tray’ using ‘X’ window icon, closes browser on restore
  • Fixed ‘Close to Tray’ not restoring window to previous state
  • Added ‘Auto-purge’ function to allow columns to be restricted to ‘x’ tweets (checked every 10 seconds) [Performance Booster!]
  • Fixed application does not remember its size and position between restarts

For more details about ‘Auto-purge’ please read the following: Fixing Speed Issues With Twitter