Version 0.3.12 Now Available

The latest version of Twitter In An App. is now available!

There are quite a few changes in this version which helps to improve your experience, and whilst it’s a stable build introducing better support for those pesky non-rendering videos, it’s not 100% perfect and I’ll continue working on it!

Labelled version 0.3.12, this update brings the following changes:

  • Fixed ‘Find URLs’ function no longer working (introduced in 0.3.10, possibly also 0.3.06)
  • Fixed ‘lack-lustre’client by adding ‘Copy Image’, which copies an image to the clipboard
  • Added ‘Browser URL’ to launch selected URL in external browser
  • Fixed ‘Enable Browser Cache’ when disabled not supporting cookies. Now cookies (Remember me) will work even with Browser Cache Disabled!
  • Fixed ‘Enable Browser Cache’ when disabled not supporting Chromium options ‘disable GPU’, ‘allow-running-insecure-content’, ‘enable-media-stream’ and ‘debug-plugin-loading’
  • Added ‘Enable Menu Confirmations’ option which, when turned off, will not display message boxes after clicking menu items (such as ‘Copy URL’, ‘Save Image’ etc..)
  • Fixed notification icon when hovering mouse / new notifications arriving causes notification window to animate in reverse incorrectly
  • Fixed notification window(s) not updating with new notifications when already visible/animating
  • Completely re-engineered video URL extraction using ‘Offscreen’ browser (fixes ‘has stopped working’ error ‘0x4000001f’ in ceflib.dll)
  • Fixed inadvertent Window flashing introduced by previous video URL parser
  • Fixed short GIF image looping can cause strange lock-up / exception message
  • Opt-out option for Video support added, videos will not attempt to render unless supported by Chromium
  • Pre-parse URL option added (can now choose to parse video URL on-demand, less memory intensive, but longer waiting time)
  • Fixed ALL links opening in internal browser, now delegates to external browser where appropriate
  • Moved some options around in the options screen!
  • Added version number to ‘Options’ screen for support purposes!
  • Added Video URL ‘pre-parsing’ when Tweets appear, caches video links in memory
  • Added support for Vine videos in popup player
  • Fixed Media Player ‘Close’ button cursor so button looks like it’s clickable
  • Added proxy panel for mouse tracking to only show toolbar after 500ms of being hovered over it [extra 4px space dedicated for this]
  • Fixed Javascript Injection results in console errors when JS Injection features are turned off
  • Reduced ‘Remove Conversation Link’ timing to 250ms (removes the link quicker!)
  • Added TweetDeck Tweak ‘Include Hashtags In Reply’ (defaults to on) to always include original hastags when replying to a tweet

You can grab the new version from the downloads section now!