v0.2.4 Erroneous Follower Notifications

Whilst trying to solve some complicated issues that might not be solvable, I recently ran across some strange behaviour in the application – that you might run into yourself.

Scrolling up and down the ‘mentions’ column you might suddenly find that you have ‘New Followers’ and that every time you do so the number might change.  This, of course,  could be a bit of a problem!

There’s a technical reason why this is happening, and it’s the way that Twitter deals with scrolling content in and out of view.

As you are scrolling down, the TweetDeck application (not Twitter In An App) removes the mentions you can’t see completely and adds what you are scrolling down for into view.  Behind the scenes Mentions, Retweets and Favourites are all controlled by a unique identifier that increases the more recent the item.  Twitter In An App is able to track these, and knows what the last one it saw was and can therefore work out which are new ones.

Follows, however, don’t work this way.

Follows just have the identity that followed you and appear where they are supposed to by ‘magic’.  There’s nothing identifiable about them to help Twitter In An App distinguish what’s new and old, despite its attempts to try!

I’m going to have to have a think about this, and how to deal with it … but a fix for this might not be as forthcoming as previous fixes!